Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Whining Mill

Entree ***** of *****
The title of the book is lousy but that is the only thing about the book that is disappointing. For an animal lover, like me, this book is a must read. From the very first chapter, the author, David I. Schoen, draws you into the charming mystery tale. Veterinarian Mark Canis (what a perfect name) is a vet with a special ability to communicate with animals. Not in a Doctor Dolittle fashion but in a way where he can feel the emotions running through higher level animals (no luck communicating with goldfish...). Mark is a happy fellow living the dream. He has a beautiful girlfriend, Sarah, with whom he is deeply in love and the only complication there is that he dated her best friend years before they met. His practice is successful, he has friends, amongst them Carlo a retired ex-cop, a sister and parents he loves, and he even gets along well with his girlfriend's parents! Life is a dream until suddenly things start going wrong for him. It starts with a conversation between Sarah and Stefania, her best friend about a guy named Craig - THE Craig. Next he meets a gorgeous blonde with a sick Great Dane who has just broken up with a guy named Craig. He generously helps her with her dog, making his girlfriend jealous and suspicious. But Mark's a really nice guy who would help anyone out. Next he gets a threatening letter, his practice is trashed, he feels animal emotions emanating from an old mill, and Sarah finds him naked in bed with her best friend. But he's innocent, honest, he is, even as things keep heading south. The Whining Mill is beautifully written with tons of humor from its protagonist, a truly nice guy. Can Carlo help Mark resolve the problems and find who trashed his practice and his life? Is Craig a real menace to Mark and Sarah's relationship? What part does that old mill play in all of Mark's new troubles? Can he get himself out of hot water with his girlfriend and live happily ever after? Believe me, you will really be pulling for Mark in this phenomenal treat of a tale - or it that a tail? I really encourage you to read this delightful and well written book.

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