Saturday, September 15, 2012

Easy Innocence

Entree **** of *****
At the murder scene of a young teen, a mentally disabled young man is found holding the weapon and covered in her blood. The lawyer for his defense is sure that he did not do it and hires Georgia Davis, ex-cop and now and PI, to try to find evidence to prove it. Through her search she finds herself trying to put together clues that seem to be buried in the very upscale and political North Shore and believes more and more that her client really is innocent. Full of twists and turns blocking her at every turn, Georgia has a difficult time breaking through the barriers of the elite of North Shore of Chicago.  This excellent murder mystery takes a clear look at the world of high stakes land development, political influence and teen prostitution by upper middle class girls looking for easy cash and thrills – thrills that can end up getting them killed. Libby Fischer Hellman really knows the North Shore of Chicago and her audience.

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