Saturday, September 15, 2012

Judgement of Souls

Entree **** of *****
Judgement of Souls is an interesting entry in the vampire genre. I found the book interesting and well written but there really wasn't anything deeply appealing or anything unique about the book but that may be because the genre has been so heavily inundated in the past several years. The main character, Rachel was born human from two parents who were both vampires. She was turned, by choice when she was 16, on the same day when he parents, guardians of the most valuable vampire text, The Book of Cain, disappeared. To protect them, Rachel put them to sleep, safely, deep in the Appalachian mountains and then started on her mission to prove them innocent of wrongdoing so that they could return to  Elysium, their paradise like home. Hundreds of years later, when Rachel returns to be of her favorite cities, Cardiff, things start to happen that are related to mysterious scrolls and The Book of Cain. Things become even more complicated when Rachel becomes incredibly attracted to a human club owner, Daniel. The pace is fast, the characters are interesting and the story line, while predictable is well developed and includes a bit of dark humor. Lovers of the genre may be interested in Judgement of Souls.

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