Saturday, September 15, 2012

Giving Up the Ghost: A Story About Friendship, 80s Rock, A Lost Scrap of paper and What it Means to Be Haunted

I thought that I would love this book - after all, I can relate to a lot of Eric's life. I love 80s music but not as much as he. I believe in ghosts but not as much as he and my journey to functioning as a productive adult in the world was a bit of a challenge, too. Giving Up the Ghost was an easy read, and it was really heartbreaking through the tough times that he lived. This is an open and honest look at friendship, mental illness, and the pitfalls of self medicating to control your fears. His parents obviously truly loved him but had no idea how to help him until he hit rock bottom. I truly appreciated his journey back to confront places that were supposedly haunted to try to resolve what he knew to be true in his mind and experience with the "hauntings" of others. By the way, he can't keep doors shut for fear of what lies behind them while I can't leave closet doors open for the same reason. Weird, huh?Anyway, I thought I would love the book but didn't. It was okay but was not compelling and didn't live up to its hype.

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