Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Devil's Game

Entree ****of *****
The Devil’s Game is a little hard to get into at first. The first few chapters are slow but after that the book is fascinating and thoroughly twisted. Crazy Patient X definitely has some serious mental issues. Unfortunately, the psychologist who is supposed to be helping Patient X  isn’t much saner than her patients. Ambitious psychologist Dr. Gloria Pike thinks her new patient is the one she has been waiting for to bring her fame and fortune with her groundbreaking new therapy. Rachel Pendelton is on the verge of living her dream, graduating and a finalist for  her dream job. Unfortunately, Rachel has an admirer. At first, it’s nothing major, but when she starts to find intimate gifts in her locked apartment, things get weird fast. Rachel doesn’t have an admirer, she has a stalker. The author is clever enough to have several secondary characters that fit the profile so figuring out who is the stalker is tough. Psychotic patients, stalkers, a nutso psychotherapist with serious father issues, and Rachel student are the intriguing players in The Devil's Game.

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