Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Death Displaced

Entree **** of *****
Nicholas Crystan is living a rather dull life, working in a retail store part time and still missing his mother after her unexplained disappearance left he, his father and brothers reeling years before. Since her disappearance, Nicholas has been exploring different paths to spiritual fulfillment but has not found any explanation of things that fits his life view. Despite the fact that he is surrounded at work by Wiccans and others who believe in the occult, he still is not sure what he believes until he is struck by a premonition of the accidental death of a woman that becomes reality a few days later when he saves Juliet Maystone from the death he has foreseen. Juliet, the independently wealthy owner of a coffee shop and a gorgeous woman starts to have her own supernatural encounters and later seeks Nicholas out to give him a message from his deceased mother. From that point, Nicholas and Juliet are bound for an adventure with the supernatural that shakes both of their lives to their very foundations. By seeking out the secrets of a beautiful manor that is rumored to be haunted will Juliet and Nicholas solve the mystery of the disappearance of his mother? Are their new abilities simply flukes that later disappear? Has Juliet’s “displaced death” created new lives for Nicholas and her? The characters in this book are well developed. Through Nick, the author deals with the very real issues of dysfunctional families, depression, loneliness and unfulfilled lives. The occult offers mystery and drama to the book, allowing disparate characters to interact effectively and realistically. I look forward to the other books in the Lansin island series.

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