Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Death Instinct

**** of *****
Jed Rubenfeld is a brilliant writer who is the master of his niche. This is the second book in his Freud series and although Freud does not have a major role in this book, his role is still interesting and important to the tome. This is an action-packed adventure based on an actual event -- a major terrorist attack in Manhattan on Sept. 16, 1920, that killed 400 people. A battle-scarred surgeon who studied with Freud, a brilliant NYPD investigator, and a mysterious French woman with whom the surgeon is falling in love are the main characters in this taut thriller. The novelist has also included people from the actual historical time frame, including Sigmund Freud and Marie Curie. The three protagonists witness the explosion and then find themselves wrapped up in the investigation as well as in challenges of their own making. This is a wonderful and compelling read!

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