Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Light and Dark

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Light and Dark is the first book in a wonderful new fantasy series by D.M. Fife. I think that this series has the potential to be a major best selling series because it is very well written, appealing to middle schoolers and up, and has an interesting twist, suing human, elves and dragons bonded together to keep the Darkness from encroaching and taking over the world. Danny Firoth is an average kid starting his first day of school. He has some good friends, including his best friend Chris, but really isn’t the most popular kid in his class. On his first day of school, he develops a really serious crush on a new girl in his class, Sabrina Drake. Danny is pushed into a fight with one of the school bullies and finds that he has a weird ability to anticipate the actions of the guy a few seconds before he gets hit. Since his mom is really mad about the detention he gets for fighting in school, he doesn’t have time to really think much about it. He hates getting his mom upset because she’s all he has, having lost his Dad in a war a long time ago. A rumbling and shaking of the school during detention scares him but far less than the dragon that appears to fight a shadow that is causing the stumbling. Sabrina and her family take an interest in Danny and some of his friends that can see the Darkness, inviting them to interview to be trained as Knights of the Light. During the summer, they are initiated into a world that they never knew existed and start their training. The White Rock Academy of Illumination trains mortals, elves and the people like Sabrina who can transform to dragons to battle the Darkness while waiting and hoping for the foretold Mageknight, their salvation to finally appear. There are some minor grammar errors that slightly detract from the tale but it is a wonderful, exciting addition to the fantasy genre.

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