Monday, September 24, 2012

3 Freshmen

Entree ****of *****
his was a wonderful collegiate coming of age story. It’s their first year at a midsized college in California when three men meet and decide to become roommates. They guys are really very different: one is the son of a migrant worker, the first in his family to go to college, another is the brilliant, well educated son of a famous trial lawyer who wants to go into comedy, and the third is a basic math geek. Despite their differences, they develop and strong and enduring friendship. The book is set in the exciting and fascinating year of 1969 when the first draft for Vietnam was held, when people were seriously experimenting with drugs and free sex. Seen through the eyes of Stan, the Hispanic kid who is there on scholarship, this is a great coming of age story. Stan faces the normal challenges standard to all of the guys his age while dealing with the confusion of having to learn all about living in a world that he never even knew existed. His friendship with Darius and Lenny is the stabilizing influence on his life while his new girlfriend is a complication that he never anticipated. Will Stan make it in college? Will these early friendships survive? Read 3 Freshmen for the answers and for a lot of fun.

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