Friday, July 20, 2012

Torn In Two

by Brit Sigh Main Course **** of ***** Brit Sigh has a remarkable imagination and a lot of talent. His protagonist in Torn in Two, Tatum Soaren is intriguing, dark and indeed "torn in two". Soaren is afflicted with multiple personality disorder and his psychiatrist, Dr. Tristyn Holmes brilliantly integrates his psychopathic alter, Landon into Soaren's personality, leaving the gentler, normal Soaren dominant. However, Landon is not as well integrated as Dr. Holmes believes and he starts to manifest, becoming a threat to everyone Soaren loves. Sigh does a wonderful job of creating believable characters who do unbelievable things. There is a touch of the paranormal in the novel but it, too is blended in seamlessly and believably. I thoroughly enjoyed the novel but was distracted several times by poor editing. This could be a five star book with better editing and a few shifts in the plot. Read it and enjoy it but weep for what it could be. It could have been a contender for one of the best psychological thrillers this year.

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