Friday, July 20, 2012

The House On Plunkett Street

by Lorena Bathey main Course **** of ***** What a wonderful read this was! The House on Plunkett Street is a haunted house - but not in the traditional way. Instead, the house on Plunkett Street is a house that is infused with so much love that it helps to bring joy and life changing decisions to the people fortunate enough to rent in it. Originally built as a single home, it was later divided to serve as a safe place for women looking for a safe harbor. Phoebe Bertram is a normal, average American woman. She grew up in a family of rowdy boys where she was barely noticed, finished school with no real achievements, and learned along the way to just settle for what came her way. The only thing that she has ever done that was out of character with her normal, boring, bland life was to move to California. In California, though, Phoebe has a few friends, a job that bores her, and a boyfriend that is just going through the motions of a relationship with her. Things start to change when she is lucky enough to rent an apartment in the house on Plunkett Street. There, the transformative abundance of love in the house, along with a few helpful ghosts, start Phoebe on the course of a brand new life - a life filled with friends, giving, joy, ,love, fulfillment and a future worth grabbing onto with both hands. You won't want to put this book down - it's that good a read.

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