Monday, October 15, 2012

Scutchamer Knob

Entree *** of *****
The times, they were a’ changin’… Our lives were music driven and England in the 1960s was really the center of the universe for everyone under the age of 25. Scutchamer Knob, where this novel is set, is a knoll in Southern England that was a center of power throughout the ages – a center of worship, judgment, mystical power, and now, a murder. The Beatles have segued from pop to rock, Hendrix is at his prime, and musicians all throughout the world are searching for the sound that best expresses their collective soul. Trevor, Roy and Terry are working class guys in their own band, finished with school and needing to make a living. Through Cynthia, an intellectually brilliant and bohemian girl, the trio meets George Herbert, a young aristocrat who is forming a band. In the world of sex, drugs and rock and roll, they all work to create a new sound despite their class differences. George pays for the group and brings his friend Damon into the group. The power of the book is in the exploration of the 60s, exploring the generation gap, and the class differences. A secondary plot line portrays an unidentified member of the group who is immersed in a disciple/master relationship that dabbles in occult power. The author was able to bring it all together for a cohesive ending but I did find the secondary plot line a little strange and distracting. If I’d been on LSD like some of the characters in the book, it might have been clear and groovy.

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