Monday, October 15, 2012

Key West Bounce

Entree *** of *****
Key West Bounce is a really good story about the uncomfortable collaboration between Jack Marsh, an adventurous Key West bar owner, his best friend, Tommy Hicks, owner of a very well equipped salvage boat and a former secret agent to find a sunken airplane in international waters between the US and Cuba. The sunken airplane full of gold currency intended for Cuba’s liberation went down the 1960s, during the Bay of Pigs incident between the US and Cuba. The Haitians and anti Castro Cuban expatriates join in the hunt which results in murder, mayhem and betrayal in the Caribbean. Is the gold at the bottom of Crab Cay waiting to be recovered? What will each faction do to try to reach it first? This story is fast paced and compelling with a great deal of both intrigue and humor in it but Clive Cussler can get a good night’s sleep without worrying too much about competition. The book is fun, even compelling in some ways, but unfortunately, Key West Bounce is so poorly edited that the grammar mistakes really distracted me from a smooth, easy ride with these adventurers.

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