Monday, October 15, 2012

First Time Hard

Entree **** of *****
First Time Hard was a really good read with a well developed plot and great character development. Gladys Harper and her husband were very successful in building a lovely life surrounded by beautiful things, except for their twin sons. Kevin and Craig Harper could have been listed in a dictionary under "bad seed". Vicious, ugly and involved in the disappearance of a classmate when they were young, the brothers have grown into vicious career criminals. This time, though, crime has struck their family on a personal level. Gladys Harper has been murdered and her home was robbed of jewelry and a distinctive Remington type bronze statue. A local antiques dealer, Richard Drake, has acquired the bronze third hand and will pay a horrific price for the acquisition. The Harper brothers have arbitrarily decided that Drake is responsible for the robbery and murder because he had an appointment with their mother on the day she died. Although the men could care less about their mother's demise, they do enjoy a good act of revenge - even when they have targeted an innocent man and his family. Will Richard Drake and his family survive the attentions of the Harper brothers or will their tainted past finally catch up with them?

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