Thursday, March 28, 2013

OMG A CUL8TR Time Travel Novel

***** of ***** Entree
This charming book kicks off a new YA series that will undoubtedly be very popular. I haven’t been a teenager for more years than I’m willing to divulge, yet I do enjoy the YA genre. OMG is a time travel mystery – another genre that I particularly enjoy. Well plotted and fast paced, OMG is the story of four Florida teenagers who plausibly finagle time travel and communication with the dead using the technology of years past along with today’s technology. Kelly, the main character, moved to Fort Meyers Beach, FL to live with her aunt after her parents were killed in a car accident. It’s interesting to witness the changes necessary for Kelly to live with her single, high level, career oriented, lawyer aunt. Kelly struggles to deal with normal teen self esteem problems, but manages to make friends more easily than she believed possible. When Kelly and her new friends end traveling back to the 1960s to try to prevent the suicide of a popular high school teenager, friendships are cemented and a great new series is kicked off. I hope that Bob Kat can write these novels quickly because his fans will be very impatient to get the next installation.

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