Monday, August 20, 2012

Dream Country

Dream Country is set in Nashville, where I live. Nashville is also part of the ultra conservative Bible belt part of the country, so the fact that Dream Country is a psychic mystery intrigued me, too. Dilly Renfro has recovered from being shot in the head a year ago when she was a bystander in a mini mart hold up gone bad. She's recovered but she's changed in some pretty big ways, admitting she's a lesbian, becoming very assertive, and having precognitive dreams. Dilly's father, Doyle Renfro was the king of country music and is still the head of  his huge business empire. Doyle has changed, too, sometimes appearing to lose focus and get unresponsive during conversations - a problem that has led his other children, Porter and Loretta to sue him as incompetent. Dilly doesn't agree and she has other things on her the precognitive dreams she's had since being shot. The latest dreams are of the murder of a gorgeous, young, cafe au lait woman murdered on the stage of the Ryman auditorium. When it turns out that a young woman who looks like the one in Dilly's dream is found murdered and her former boyfriend is a light tech at the Ryman, things get exciting fast.  Dream Country is a compellingly good story that anyone who loves a good murder mystery will enjoy.

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