Monday, August 20, 2012

Breaking Jona

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With the huge success of the Shades of Grey trilogy, it was predictable that more books appealing to our more prurient interest would hit the market.  Breaking Jona is a very, graphic new entry in the BDSM (bondage, discipline, submissive, sadism, masochism) market and makes those shaves of grey look a lot more like shades of white. This small collection of stories is set in different parts of Europe and contains entries on the slave/master theme, girl on girl sex, and ménage a trois. There are few standards for this kind of writing and Breaking Jona meets them all: trashy - yes, taunting - yes,  titillating - yes. Personally, I prefer less graphic sexuality in my books and am more comfortable when any sexual activity occurs naturally as an outcome of the relationships in the book.  Unfortunately, there really isn't much of a story line or character development in Breaking Jona, but tell the truth. Is that really what you are looking for here?

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